Metal Care

I use copper in many of my jewelry designs. Any earrings with special finishes such as patina have been treated with a sealant. These do not require any polishing nor should you use anything abrasive on these finishes as it will alter the intended finish. Copper beautifully compliments many skin tones and If you enjoy silver it is a perfect alternative. 

The same as above applies to any of my patina-finish brass earrings. In addition to our earrings, we offer cuff-style bracelets (not the patina variety) which a polishing cloth can easily be used on.  The Jeweler's Brass I use is a great color match to 14K yellow gold at a fraction of the price. This metal has strength and aesthetic appeal. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and it will naturally deepen in color like all copper-based metals. 

The sterling silver-filled wire that we use consists of a layer of durable sterling silver bonded to a brass-alloy center. It is hundreds of times thicker and more durable than silver-plated material. I use the highest quality silver-filled wire. Silver-filled is not the same thing as silver-plated. To care for this metal you can simply use a jewelry polishing cloth as needed. It is not recommended to use any abrasive cleaners on silver plating.

Jewelry in high friction areas such as fingers or wrists item this can cause the sealers to wear unevenly. So, it is for this reason that some styles are best left unsealed and treated with a polishing cloth as needed.