Metal Care

Our jewelry is crafted using solid copper, Nugold brass, and sterling silver filled metals.

Our copper jewelry is natural and untreated. Use a jewelry polishing cloth or micro polishing pad to revive the shine. Copper beautifully compliments cool and warm skin tones.

Our Nugold brass jewelry is also untreated please follow the directions above for care. NuGold, also known as Jeweler's Brass, Red Brass or Merlin's Gold, is a great color match to 14K yellow gold. It is rich in color with nice weight to it. NuGold is an alloy of copper and zinc and it will naturally deepen in color like all copper based metal.

Our sterling silver-filled wire consists of a layer of durable sterling silver bonded to a copper-alloy or brass-alloy center. It is hundreds of times thicker and more durable than silver plated. I use 1/10 high quality silver filled wire which is the highest quality filled material.
Silver filled is not the same thing as silver-plated, which is a very thin layer of silver laid on top of a base metal core. To care for this metal you can simply use a jewelry polishing cloth as needed.

I have experimented with sealers over copper and brass. My conclusion was that the beauty of the metal was not enchanced by sealing it. Since jewelry is a high wear item this can cause the sealers to wear unevenly. So, I feel it is more pratical to use a jewelry polishing cloth.