Crystal Borealis Studio: Founded in 2021, we handcraft unique, small-batch jewelry. Traditional metalsmithing techniques create intriguing textures, beautiful patina finishes, and delicate gemstone accents. We offer a variety of styles, including our signature streamer earrings, all crafted with love using natural gemstones and precious metals like sterling silver or 14k gold-filled details

My name is Agena. I'm a jewelry artist and owner of Crystal Borealis Studio. My aesthetic is hallmarked by rich earthy textures, emphasizing decorative patina,  My passion is one-of-a-kind earrings.  My goal is to create unique, wearable, and thoughtfully crafted jewelry. I'm inspired by my fellow creatives and the vast wealth of knowledge to be soaked up in this wonderful medium of jewelry craft and metalsmithing.⚒

A creative and curious person, I ventured into jewelry craft through an interest in beading. I've picked up a few tricks here and there and with the addition of several metalsmithing classes I now know that I've only just begun. 🌅

Some personal likes include old photographs, films, and podcasts that run the gambit. My business name stems from my fascination with crystals (Childhood rock collector here.) Moss Agate, Blue Kyanite, Apatite, Tourmaline, Citrine, and Aventurine are some of my favorite stones.


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