Our Story

 Established in 2021, Crystal Borealis Studio Jewelry is Hallmarked by rich earthy nature inspired textures, mixed metals, gemstone accents with one-of-a-kind earrings, cuff bracelets, and necklaces. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques including metal patination, and a variety of unique textures.  Works include brass, copper silver, and gemstones.

All earrings are finished with sterling silver, or 14k gold-fill ear wires.


I learned the art of jewelry making through a combination of self guided study and several metalsmithing courses. My love of the craft took off after being introduced to beading at an early age, and snowballed into a lifelong passion. My childhood/adulthood fascination with rock--> crystal collecting overflows into my current day jewelry designs and speaks to the origin of my business name. 

My goal is to create fun, thoughtfully crafted, and unique jewelry.


Agena Underwood, the owner of Crystal Borealis Studio originates from Berkeley California, but spent most of her youth on growing up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She loves being near the ocean, there's nothing like the nature here on Cape. She also thrives on fitness, films, old photos, music, podcasts and topics related to health and beauty.


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