Summer skincare!

It's summertime,

My second favorite season of the year-next to spring.🌴☀

When I am not working I love to spend time in the outdoors. Going to the beach and paddle boarding are my some of my favorite activities. We all spend more time outdoors in the north-east this time of year, as we should! Between the vacations, getting into nature, music festivals, farmers markets, and craft fairs we know how to take advantage of good weather. BUT (there's a big ole but), with that come tons of sun exposure and that means finding safe ways of enjoying the sun without getting scorched which can lead to sun damage in the form of wrinkles, pigmentation issues and even possible cancer.

According to, Cumulative sun exposure causes mainly basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer, while episodes of severe sunburns, usually before age 18, can raise the risk of developing melanoma.

I have super sensitive skin and struggle to find sunscreens that don't clog my pores or cause rashes. One sunscreen that I have found beneficial is Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Daily Shade Facial Lotion SPF 18 Ounces. I actually use it all over my body because it is so gentle. I have not yet tried this on a beach day but just for being outside for a couple hours at a time without being submerged in water. This product is white, and has a light consistency with the scent of a luxurious rose garden. Andalou also makes a 30 spf tinted balm that you can use on your face, neck and decollate. 

If you are looking for a facial spf that is going to have you covered if you have a fairer skin tone spectrum, then try Skinceuticals Sheer physical UV Defense Sunscreen with 50 SPF. It is a physical sunscreen meaning that it is made of zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide that deflect UV rays away from your skin. I mix a few drops of my Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation which has no SPF in with the sunscreens above to create my own tinted sun protection.

Try out Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40.  It is an oil-free, weightless, invisible and reef-safe suncreen. its broad spectrum is great for all skin types, is scent-free and good for men and women. Don't forget about your lips either!

Other great ways to cover up are hats (women \ men), rash guard (women \ men) and kimonos.

All I can add to this is remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water. There are lots of recipes for yummy fruit infused waters too that can help if you are not a big plain water fan. Also, check out these cool non toxic glass and silicone BPA-free fruit Infusion bottles that make taking water on the go a cinch!


The skin friend, Agena


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